Christmas Star: Christmas Star: This time, this unique event will occur after 800 years in the sky over Christmas – a rare Christmas star to light up the December sky for the first time in 800 years

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Happy Celebration A wonderful astronomical event is going to happen in the sky just before Christmas, this time something is going to happen in the month of Christmas that has not happened in the last 800 years, just before Christmas, the star of Christmas appears on December 21, the day of the solstice. Wala Washington
Merry Christmas, a wonderful astronomical event is going to take place in the sky just before Christmas. This time in the month of Christmas, something is wrong for the past 800 years. The Christmas star is about to appear in the sky on December 21, just before Christmas. On this day, Jupiter and Saturn will come in a straight line across the sky. It is called the Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem.

Jupiter and Saturn have not yet come close to Earth after the medieval period. Rice University astronomer Patrick Hurtigan told Forbes magazine that Jupiter and Saturn still come in a straight line after 20 years, but the confluence of this time is a rare event for you. Indeed, these two planets will come very close and humans will be able to see them.

Hurtigan said that before this rare incident occurred on March 4, 1226 and the Christmas star was still appearing in the sky at that time. Astronomers in the northern hemisphere, 45 minutes after sunset on December 21, will see the Christmas star if they look at the southwestern part of the sky with the naked eye or using telescopes. However, it is also said that this wonderful spectacle will be seen throughout the week. Forbes said the next time such a show will be seen in 2080.

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