Christmas star end of the world: end of the world on December 21, 2020? Somewhere the excitement of the Christmas star, the fear of fate is spreading from the Mayan civilization – believers in the Mayan civilization fear that December 21, 2020 will be the end of the world

While many astronomical events are discussed in the month of December, the Christmas star also arouses “awe”. In fact, Jupiter and Saturn will look like “double planets” of Earth on December 21 and they will also be called “Christmas Star”. This day will also be North Golarth’s shortest day and longest night. Astronomers and those interested in science may be excited about it, with theologian Pastor Paul Begley calling it a devastation for the earth.

Could this year be the end of the world?
Begali claimed that Jupiter and Saturn would not get that close for the next 500 years. He says those who believe in the Mayan civilization believe this day could be the end of the world. There is no evidence to support this claim and it is based on the Mayan calendar itself. In fact, December 21, 2012 was considered the end of the 5,126 year cycle.

Black hole or collision with the planet?
However, some say that this date is the Holocaust. Behind him, things are said from the strong rays of the sun to consuming the Earth from a black hole or to the collision with the imaginary planet named Nibiru. Those who believe in the Mayan calendar say that according to it, December 21, 2020 is December 21, 2012. However, scientists have rejected these claims.

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