Chromebook now lets you use Windows apps with Parallells

After announcing the collaboration agreement between Parallels and Google a few months ago, which we echoed at Microsofters, this interesting tool is finally available for Chromebook Enterprise users.

Parallels Desktop will dramatically increase the value of ChromeOS, and therefore Chromebooks, for many business customers who will be able to run Windows from their Chromebooks using the virtual machine created by Parallels.

An enterprise solution for $ 69.99 per year

As we’ve already noted, this is not a feature that will be part of Chrome OS by default, but a commercial-oriented payment solution that will cost $ 69.99 per year for each user.

It is a tool very similar to Parallels Desktop for MacOS but not yet as complete, as unlike its sister it does not allow Windows applications to run without showing its desktop.

The company is making an effort to clarify that we are facing version 1.0, so we can expect some cool new features in the future. Parallels promises to make it easier to navigate Chrome OS files from the Windows desktop because there is a connection that links certain types of files to virtualization. We can share clipboards, user profiles and custom folders.

As for devices, printers, webcams and other equipment connected by USB to our Chromebook, these will work with absolute normality under Windows (except for certain incompatible models whose support is intended to be added in future updates. ). Finally, it should be noted that you do not need to be connected to a network to run Parallels.

Minimum Chromebook Requirements to Run Parallels

Processor: Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 RAM: 16 GB Storage: 128 GB SSD or more

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