Churchill’s Sunken Treasure: Rs 14 billion Indian treasure left after 70 years at sea Hitler destroyed

The ship SS Garrasopa is a prime example of how the British pillaged Hindustan, known as the “Gold Ring”, before India gained independence. In 2011, archaeologists discovered the SS NonSoppa ship submerged in the sea. 14 billion laden silver was extracted from this ship. The SS Garrospa ship carried money from Calcutta, India, to Britain during World War II. This silver treasure was used by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the war in World War II. Let’s discover the whole history of the precious treasures of India which drown in the sea …..

Lost fuel from the ship, Hitler’s Yubot targeted

According to the Daily Express report, the fuel carrying money from India to Ireland was destroyed and the same German submarine was attacked with torpedoes. After this attack, the ship sank and 85 people on board were killed. After that, the treasure was buried in the sea. In 2011, a team of divers unearthed the treasure, which currently has a market value of around Rs 14 billion. Researchers from this silver discovery team, Odyssey Marine Group, reported extracting 99% of the silver from the ship. Team general manager Greg Stemm said the campaign was very difficult. He said the money was kept in a small compartment which was very difficult to reach.

The SS Garrasopa went further than the Titanic

Mark Gordon, President of Odyssey Marine Group, said: “We made the record mining silver at such depth. Nothing was removed before that much lower. He said that we are constantly using the skills of deep sea expeditions to research cultural heritage, important goods and natural resources. He said that in 2013 a treasure of 2.3 million pounds was extracted from a ship drowned by the Nazis in the North Atlantic. According to documents speculating the damage to Britain in WWII, additional money was present at the time of the German Yubot’s attack on the SS Nonsoppa ship, but it has not been established until now. After the German attack, the SS Garrospa descended 3000 feet into the sea, which was deeper than the Titanic. This treasure remained submerged in the sea for almost 70 years.

Find out why Germany attacked a British ship laden with cash

The commander of the German U Boat had speculated that overseas trade could be cut off from England’s overseas trade by eliminating the use of Uboat. This would give Britain an advantage during the war. Churchill, then Prime Minister of Great Britain, was also afraid of the same. At the time of the war, Germany had taken its submarine fleet to the sea to establish rule over the Atlantic Sea. In the midst of this dispute, in December 1940, the cargo ship SS NonSoppa released 7,000 tonnes of cargo from Calcutta, India. It consisted of silver, iron and tea. He finds another group in Sierra Leone on their way to Britain. These ships could go with only 8 knots of speed. During the German attack, the SS Nonsoppa drowned with the treasure.

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