Cisco Expands Digital Acceleration Program in Spain to Drive Inclusive Recovery

Cisco Expands Digital Acceleration Program in Spain to Drive Inclusive Recovery

Cisco today announced the renewal in Spain of its Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program. The aim is to help accelerate digitization across the country by supporting strategic recovery measures after the pandemic and promoting an inclusive future for all. The announcement extends the current “Digitize” program – introduced in March 2019 – until 2024.

Building on success

The first phase of the CDA focused on large-scale digitization initiatives for all industries and sectors, developed in the Cisco Co-Innovation Center in Barcelona and in the open innovation association Sevilla Futura, or promoted through direct investments in specific pilot projects.

Some notable achievements have been: the deployment of a hybrid educational platform in collaboration with the Ministry of Education; to help Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) address various key collaboration and sustainability challenges; contribute to the evolution of the IFEMA network towards WiFi-6; leverage artificial intelligence in collaboration with Intel to accelerate the diagnosis of COVID-19 through remote healthcare; and research on network slicing in 5G networks with Telefnica and the University of Vigo. In addition, nearly 100,000 people have been trained in digital skills through the Cisco Networking Academy program, adding to the 200,000 students previously trained since 2000. This initiative also focused on the qualification of women to reduce the gap. between genders in ICT and in groups at risk of digital exclusion.

renewed interests

Building on the continued success of the first phase, the renewed Digitaliza program for Spain will be closely aligned with the goals of the Spain Digital 2025 plan and the government’s recovery, transformation and resilience plan for a digital, sustainable recovery. and inclusive. Focus on six key pillars: digital health; Digital education; Digital government; Digital SMEs and the future of hybrid work; Reducing the digital divide; and sustainability through technology.

Investing in key technologies such as 5G / WiFi 6, IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud and next-generation networks, the CDA program will extend until 2024 and will cover multiple economic sectors and social challenges. in Spain, critical infrastructure to public services, as well as strategic activities including manufacturing, energy, financial technologies and smart tourism.

As part of the program, Cisco also plans to train and qualify 100,000 students, workers and the unemployed, providing them with digital skills through Cisco Networking Academy courses. As a result, the total number of Spanish students graduating from NetAcad is expected to approach 400,000 by mid-2023.

“Our goal as a company is to harness the potential of technology to make our communities more prosperous and inclusive. Our work has never been more relevant, as countries and organizations prepare for a post-pandemic future that offers a multitude of opportunities, but also new challenges. Through innovation and collaboration, we are convinced that this new investment phase of the CDA program in Spain will facilitate an inclusive recovery from the pandemic and promote economic growth ”, said Guy Diedrich, Vice President and Head of global innovation at Cisco.

“We believe that the government’s digital plans will represent a big step forward in the digitization and modernization of the country. To be successful, we need structural innovation, the widespread adoption of the latest technologies, as well as the training of the next generation of workers. We are extending our Digitaliza program until the beginning of 2024 to help consolidate this strategic moment for our country ”, underlines Andreu Vilamitjana, CEO of Cisco Spain.

The Cisco CDA program team works with national, state and local governments in 40 countries around the world to help accelerate their digital agendas and deliver beneficial services to citizens faster and more efficiently. ADC has more than 900 ongoing or completed projects in various verticals in close collaboration with government, industry and academic institutions.

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