Citizens claim they have agreed to remove the diesel tax hike from budgets

Posted: Wednesday October 28 2020 12:37 PM

Citizens are open to vote in favor of general state budgets (PGE). After the presentation this Tuesday made by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, the formation, as LaSexta learned and advanced “ Al Rojo Vivo ”, is approaching this position if we consider that the government has included the “ orange lines ” they put as a condition.

Something that opens the door to negotiation and clears the way for the executive just as parliamentary procedures begin. These votes, as well as those of the parties which supported the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, would allow him to carry out the accounts for next year.

From the orange training, they ensure that the requests that have modified the budget proposal that the PSOE and United We can promote in 2019 are incorporated into the project approved by the Council of Ministers.

Ciudadanos deputy spokesman Edmundo Bal confirmed in Al Rojo Vivo that these “orange lines” “have been filled in this document” presented by the executive. Without them, he says, “it would have been next to impossible to sit down and negotiate anything.” “Now we can sit down,” said the MP, who nevertheless warned that “this does not mean that general state budgets will be approved”.

Diesel tax

The diesel tax is one of the measures that Citizens say will not go into the books despite appearing in the draft proposal, as they ensure the government is committed to eliminating it through amendments. However, the Minister of Finance stressed during her speech after the Council of Ministers that an increase in diesel was envisaged to assimilate it to gasoline, except for professional drivers.

The PSOE has promised us that diesel will not increase “

“The PSOE promised us that the diesel was not going to go up in the end,” assured Bal in the interview with Al Rojo Vivo, where he listed the other “orange lines” which were satisfied in the document presented on Tuesday.

However, Finance Minister María Jesús Montero has denied any contact with Cs to exclude the increased tax burden on diesel from the budget bill, although she said they would be “delighted” sit down and discuss this issue with the orange formation.

“Regarding the negotiation of political groups, I, the Ministry of Finance, the negotiating committee, I did not have this contact with the citizens,” assured the spokesperson for the minister.

For their part, since the formation of Inés Arrimadas, they insist on the fact that they have this commitment from Moncloa, while specifying that they have not met in particular with the Ministry of Finance.

On the orange side, however, the area of ​​business competitiveness stands out. In this sense, they recall that the 15% increase in corporation tax agreed last year has been abolished. What the government is proposing is to limit exemptions from dividends and capital gains for large groups, generated by their participation in tax companies.

Concerted education and private health

The next point they are considering is that of increasing VAT on concerted education and private health. A proposal that has been deleted and that of the Orange formation they celebrate as a triumph that brings them closer to giving a “yes” to the accounts of the government.

As for the increase in personal income tax, Ciudadanos considers it “something ideological and indiscriminate” and is delighted that it is limited to the highest incomes, from 300 000 euros. They ensure that they asked that the increase was not in the range of 130,000 to 200,000 and that it was taken into account. Likewise, the Orange training also considers the anti-fraud plan included in the preliminary draft to be necessary.

Thus, considering that the orange conditions have been assumed, Ciudadanos considers that it is time to start a negotiation so that the budgets move forward and provide a “reasonable, moderate and sensible” response to an unprecedented health and economic crisis. “We will support the budgetary process so that this negotiation can begin”, they assure.

They open up to support these accounts, but they warn that they will be “vigilant” on the reforms which, according to them, must be carried out. They insist that the focus be on digitization, education, the labor market, the fight against climate change and depopulation, as “Europe demands”.

The budgets will be with the citizens or with Bildu and ERC “

Edmundo Bal stressed that although the accounts included in the project “are not the budgets of the ideal citizens”, he added that “these preconditions were necessary to demonstrate the good faith of both parties to sit down to negotiate now. “.

However, Ciudadanos considers a photo supporting budgets with ERC to be “impractical”. “Can anyone in Spain believe Cs will support political prisoner amnesty or ‘table of shame’ [en alusión a la mesa bilateral de negociación con Cataluña]? Obviously not, “Bal condemned, to questions from Antonio García Ferreras.

“There will be the budgets with the citizens or the budgets with Bildu and Esquerra Republicana, but with all of them together this photo seems very, very difficult, if not impossible,” he said.

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