Citizens expel Senator Emilio Argüeso for offering “advantages” to encourage transfuguism

Publication: Wednesday March 17, 2021 9:08 PM

The citizens expelled Senator Emilio Argüeso Torres, stressing that he could have committed a “very serious” offense by offering “benefits to positions and party affiliates” so that they “leave training and become setbacks”. In this regard, the party cites journalistic articles “in which clear evidence is provided” of these alleged practices.

In this sense, the party adds in a press release that its internal regulations “indicate very clearly that the act of” engaging in any form of corruption in the exercise of institutional responsibilities or organic positions will be punished “.

In addition, according to the Orange formation in its memo, Argüeso also allegedly violated the statutes of Cs by organizing public demonstrations on the official Senate communication channels to “inflict relevant damage” on the party. For all these reasons, the leadership decided to suspend him from his membership and urge him to relinquish his mandate as senator.

The move comes after the political earthquake that rocked politics in Murcia, where three Cs MPs decided to oppose the no-confidence motion raised by their own party – causing it to fail, predictably -, and in the middle a net of resignations from within the formation, among them that of Toni Cantó or that of Senator Francisco Hervías, who signed for the Popular Party.

In recent days, Argüeso, senator by autonomous designation of the Valencian Community, has retweeted through his social networks several messages of support for Hervías and even a tweet from Cantó in which he announced his resignation, showing his disagreement with the strategy of the party and frontally opposing the motion of censure.

That same Wednesday, there was also the first withdrawal of the Orange formation in Congress following the aforementioned motion, that of MP Pablo Cambronero, who asked to go to the Joint Group.

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