Citizens say Sánchez will have to decide and see Bildu and ERC accept their incompatible terms

Published: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 2:12 PM

Ciudadanos reminds Sánchez that there are “two paths” and that he will have to choose. “I would ask him if he has already chosen or when he will choose. If he has already chosen the route to Bildu,” said Edmundo Bal when asked about this announcement by Otegi to vote yes to the budgets.

“It must be clear that there are two paths and that the election is on the roof of the government. So far we have only heard Iglesias, not Sánchez or any of the socialist ministers speak. The government must decide, not Iglesias alone “. said at a press conference in Congress.

He called on Sánchez to say “who is he betting on”. And he recalled the conditions set by citizens to give their support: “We want the Spanish government to commit never to allow a referendum on self-determination. We want Spanish not to be excluded as a language vehicular in the classes. “

Asked if they would support ERC and Bildu if they accepted these conditions, he answered with a question: “Can anyone believe that with all that we have already achieved there is has a possibility to make Cs compatible with ERC and Bildu? “

“The incompatibility is manifest, impossible, totally unsustainable”, and considers that if the government complies with what Ciudadanos is proposing, “neither Bildu nor ERC will be there”.

EH Bildu announced his “yes” to the budgets of the coalition government, which would initially deflect citizen support from the accounts. In an interview with Radio Euskadi, Arnaldo Otegi announced that his party would vote in favor of general state budgets unless something unexpected happened. “We have found that there is a receptivity to our proposals”, which also ensured that “now there is a more fluid relationship with the government”.

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