Citizens threaten to vote against budgets if Spanish stops being a vehicle in education

Updated: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 7:40 PM

Published on: 11.10.2020 19:38

Citizens will vote against the 2021 general state budgets (EMPs) at the end of the parliamentary process if the government does not accept the four demands that its leader, Inés Arrimadas, raised on Tuesday, including a written pledge not to accept an independence referendum in any territory of Spain and to withdraw the amendment which allows the elimination of Spanish as a lingua franca in schools in certain autonomous communities.

Arrimadas told a press conference this week his party would reject all opposition-promoted amendments to the entire ELP after successfully limiting tax increases in the draft presented by the government.

He also said that if the executive wants citizens to vote for public accounts in Congress at the end of the process, they will have to meet four conditions, and they will stay at the negotiating table until the end. to try to convince President Pedro Sánchez to do so. I accept.

Subsequently, from the orange formation, they clarified that if these four conditions are not met, the Cs will vote against the budgets. Besides the demands on Spanish and the referendum, the other two are a “rescue” for the self-employed, SMEs and workers who have to stop their activity due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus crisis and paid leave for parents who do not. can telecommute and whose children should be quarantined.

“If these four things are not there, the final vote will be ‘no’,” say sources in the citizen leadership, who insist on their willingness to continue to sit at the negotiating table with the government until the last. moment because they do not want to resign. get more stuff in the EMP.

As they point out, they never said they were going to cut off conversations on budgets due to the Spanish amendment issue – which PSOE, United Podemos and Esquera brought into the bill. on education – but at the same time they want to clarify it. that this is an important issue for the Cs, and that it is also important to obtain a written commitment from the executive not to allow a secession referendum in Catalonia or any other region.

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