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After a remarkable and acclaimed PC entry last year and a switch port that left a bitter aftertaste on many gamers, the very good Cloudpunk is not finished with its history. Better still, the game has just welcomed a DLC called City of Ghosts that has no difficulty in familiarizing itself or even replacing the original game, which is rare enough to be highlighted.

Back to Nivalis

Two months after the events of the original game, the town of Nivalis has not changed. It is still this overwhelming megalopolis with several districts, changing atmospheres, disturbing plains and chic and colorful quarters. Corporations are making life difficult for the residents of this city of vice, where many residents use taxi delivery services from more or less legal companies. Cloudpunk is one of them and Rania, the heroine of the first episode, hasn’t made up her mind to quit her post despite her eventful first night on the job. If you find this charismatic heroine a little later, City of Ghosts opens with a certain Hayse. Young man without debauchery, playful in his spare time and easily inclined to drink and other man-made paradises, Hayse is one of the new characters as City of Spirit. His introductory sequence sets the tone, an android from CorpSec, the local police force, awkwardly tells him that this is his first day with the police and that he must arrest Hayse in the early hours of the morning. Fortunately, our antihero, villain, understands that he can handle the new recruit without any problems and even offers to accompany him for the night. The man has a debt to settle and could take advantage of the android’s naivete. For her part, Rania tries, accompanied by her loyal and lovable, but always so annoyingly enthusiastic dog Camus, to lead a more or less normal life and tries to continue her ambitious career as a parcel deliverer for Cloudpunk. His new contact, who delivers deliveries, is not as amiable as his predecessor. Contact is colder, but the missions are raining as usual, which certainly won’t disorient the base game players. Of course, you can imagine that the parcel delivery for our two protagonists will not go smoothly all night and that Rania will soon be contacted by a competing company as powerful as it is dangerous, like the past that she thought she had left behind the race to catch up.

A stronger narrative DNA

So don’t expect a break in the fundamentals of cloudpunk with City of Ghosts. It’s always an almost entirely narrative game, alternating light dialogue unrelated to the story to add depth to the city of Nivalis and intrigues that intertwine in a very successful dystopian universe. The game always asks you to go from point A to point B, being careful not to skip your taxi too much, and to collect a few little things here and there in the game world to be able to supplement your end of the month and pay for repairs and fuel. It should be noted, however, that City of Ghosts might be a full-fledged sequel to Cloudpunk rather than a DLC. With a lifespan of approx. 8 hours, with different purposes depending on the choice, the game is particularly solid and was not taken lightly, on the contrary. All the improvements that have gradually been made to the base game flow directly into this version, especially the first-person view, which brings an extra level of immersion into the still beautiful megalopolis. On top of that, it’s still fun to watch the crossed scenarios. You will find all the salt that made cloudpunk taste. A sense of humor that often hits the mark, touching or dark moments and a number of well-brushed characters, whether central or entirely secondary. The story is told fluently and pleasantly, interrupted by the (very many) taxi rides that you can make, the decisions to be made strain the development of the plot and really captivate the player. If we find the few writing options here and there that we could at times blame the original game, the overall story of Cloudpunk is very well organized, so if you’re a fan of good stories and less gameplay, you’ll largely find what you want need in this new adventure.

A few refreshing little novelties

Granted, not everything is perfect in Cloudpunk City of Ghosts either. We may regret minor innovations, too few new environments, and always those hitbox issues that undermine your vehicle’s strength more often than you’d like, but not enough to pout its pleasure. In fact, as mentioned above, Cloudpunk could just as easily have been sold as a full-fledged sequel, as its proportions are similar to the base game and we believe that some of the know-how from the teams that tried to develop some know-how how was developed A little more variety in the course of the game, especially in the ground phases, the game tries to renew itself, sometimes by suggesting slightly more curvy explorations and inserting little puzzles here and there that are not very bad but well thought out enough to be fun to have. But you have to keep in mind that Cloundpunk is not meant to give you moments of incredible gameplay, despite the few little novelties that we enjoy here and there, the essence of the game remains the taxi ride in the town of Nivalis to listen to the damn dialogues connected from one end of the adventure to the other. You were warned, which of course is not to everyone’s taste. Notes + positive points A still pleasant atmosphere A very good story, with characters always well brushed Soundtrack always flawless Very good lifespan (approx. 8 hours) A few small puzzles welcome-Negative points An even more narrative twist that can be displeasing Always this one Hitbox problems in HOVA A few small ways to write, sometimes We would have liked more daring novelties If we had to simply summarize what to expect with this DLC, we would risk this claim: Those who like Cloudpunk will love City of Ghosts, if You didn’t like the game, maybe you like it even less As an expansion to the game that wouldn’t have been ashamed of being described as a sequel, City of Ghosts pushes the narrative dimension of it all even further and tries to do with in particular a few simple puzzles to bring something new here or there in the adventure. For the fans it is clear that the reunion with Nivalis, Rania and Camus will be a great pleasure, while the meeting with Hayse should go just as well. If we would have liked a greater willingness to take risks or more new ideas, City of Ghosts remains a very good opportunity to immerse ourselves in the devilishly successful atmosphere of the Ion Lands title. Journaliste June 1st, 2021 at 7:30:00 PM Readers’ views – Share your thoughts on this game!

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