Ciudadanos loses its 26 seats and disappears from the Madrid Assembly after two years in power with the PP

Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 11:36 PM

Ciudadanos disappears in the Community of Madrid. The formation led by Edmundo Bal failed to reach 5% of the votes needed to enter the Assembly after the May 4 elections.

Devastating results for the Orange formation, which lost the 26 deputies it had in the region, and thanks to which it managed to enter the government of the Community of Madrid in the 2019 elections.

In a difficult appearance with other party figures such as the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, and the party leader, Inés Arrimadas, Bal was visibly affected: “We are in a difficult night for this party, for the political center, for moderation, for common sense, “the candidate” orange “complained to the media, which assured that the poor result of Ciudadanos is also” for the people of Madrid, for a project of union and harmony “.

Arrimadas assured that he would not resign despite the debacle in a piece as relevant to the national political panorama as the Community of Madrid, and he wanted to thank the Madrid candidate for his work during the elections. “Thank you very much to the 130,000 Madrilenians who trusted our project and voted in the center in a scenario of enormous polarization. We will continue to work together for a Spain without sides and a future for all. And thank you especially to you, Edmundo. For everything, ”apostilled on Twitter.

In the last call to the polls, Ciudadanos managed to present itself as the third political force, just four points behind PP Ayuso. With the union of these two formations and the support of Vox, the candidate of the time Ignacio Aguado succeeded in becoming vice-president of the Community of Madrid.

However, their differences with the “ popular ” have jumped to the media on numerous occasions and their relationship ended up being severed with the simple flutter of a butterfly in Murcia. Ayuso has appeared before the media to announce the definitive collapse of his government due to fears of a rebound effect within it. “The institutional instability caused by the CS and the PSOE in Murcia led us to this situation”, he admitted at the time.

The decision sparked a storm that’s hard to stop. “If Ayuso calls an election, it is because he wants to agree with Vox, because he wants to go further to the right”, then declared the former vice-president of Al Rojo Vivo, predicting another vote for Madrid, he said on a whim. : “She herself said that voting in Catalonia was reckless. He is doing it to scratch the vote”.

But nothing has stopped the “oranges” from their intention to regain control of the “popular”. With Bal in the lead, Ciudadanos bet to be Ayuso’s “brake” in his turn on the right. He was postulated as the alternative to the far right and the only possibility that Vox does not condition “the politics of Madrid in the years to come”. “Either the monastery or me”: that was his motto. And, pending the configuration of the Assembly over the next few days, it seems clear that Ayuso will only be able to rule with the support or abstention of candidate Vox.

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