Ciudadanos recognizes “errors” and promises that there will be no “merger” with the PP

Posted: Saturday July 17 2021 2:10 PM

Ciudadanos made it clear on the first day of the political convention that brings together affiliates and activists in Madrid that there will be no merger with the PP and that its objective is to preserve the space of the center, which they describe as liberal. The president of the party, Inés Arrimadas, who took part this Saturday in a discussion on the importance of renewing Europe in the values ​​of liberalism, recognized that “it is not easy” to govern in coalition “when you are the small part “and admitted that they had not been able to pass the imprint of Ciudadanos.

“We have failed to transfer these improvements to the public. It is an element of improvement of the party as an alternative to populism and bipartisanship,” Arrimadas stressed after noting that “there is nothing wrong. to be conservative or social democrat. ”

The Deputy Secretary General for Citizens, Edmundo Bal, went further in this direction and told the media that “there will be no merger with the PP”. “Liberalism in Spain is called Ciudadanos, it is not called PP. The PP is the conservative party. It is necessary to preserve this space with an independent, liberal and concentrated party”, underlined Bal after clarifying that ‘ it was the only party. in which to go to the army.

Arrimadas and Bal admitted that the training made mistakes in not knowing how to communicate well the policies that they carried out in the municipal or regional governments and assured that from now on they will do better. At all times, Bal has insisted that his party is not sectarian and sees pacts only in politics and not in parties, while he has denied that they are in a government thanks to the support of Vox since they “never” signed “any document” with them.

“We will continue to govern with the general interest and with the same loyalty that we will demand from the other partner,” said the Cs deputy spokesman in Congress, who explained that they will listen to the opposition to find solutions. support their proposals but also to benefit from your successes and improve them.

Arrimadas also wanted to show his support for the main territorial leaders who govern in collaboration with the PP, such as the vice-president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, who obtained the abolition of the inheritance and donation tax, or Juan Marín in the Government of the Junta de Andalucía “which generates jobs in two years thanks to a government of change”.

He also congratulated the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, for promoting the city’s largest green infrastructure and advocating “smart” ecology. The leader of Ciudadanos defended “liberal Europeanism” which “stopped the separatist coup” in Catalonia in 2017 by denying the illegal referendum of October 1 and marked the liberal policies of the European Union as a reference: “I am a convinced Europeanist”.

He thus expressed it during a dialogue table at which the MEP from the party of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Katalin Cseh, and the MEP from the same party, Dacian Ciolos as well as the politician German Party participated, the Liberal Democrat Alexander Graf.

“We Spaniards owe a lot to Europe … The modernization of Spain cannot be understood without its contribution”, he stressed. For his part, the MEP of the Party of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Dacian Ciolos identified Ciudadanos as the liberal party in Spain because “to be liberal is to defend equality in all areas, what regardless of skin color or sexual preferences. “

The liberal deputies, moderated by the economic leader and citizen deputy, Luis Garicano, explained how their parties found a place in Europe and, in many cases, managed to overcome moments of internal crisis. German Liberal Democrat politician Alexander Graf also made it clear that in his case “they never work with populists”.

Faced with populist positions like those of the government of the Hungarian ultranationalist Viktor Orban, Katalin Cseh stressed the need to fight from within the country for freedom of rights.

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