“Ciudadanos will go down in history as a sadomasochistic party”

Posted: Sunday June 20 2021 19:42

“Ciudadanos will go down in history as a sadomasochistic party where there is no limit to humiliation.” With these harsh words, he referred to the party led by Inés Arrimadas, the Organization Secretary of the PSOE and also Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos.

The statements came at a rally in which the Socialist criticized the People’s Party for considering the anti-transfuguism pact to be broken. So, referring to Ciudadanos, he insisted: “If someone really feels at the center, he cannot tolerate such authoritarian and imposing attitudes of the PP.

Since the Orange formation, the response has not been long in coming, and there are several politicians who have rebelled against Ábalos’ remarks. One of the first voices was that of Edmundo Bal, spokesperson for citizens at the Congress of Deputies, who considered that “the government that goes further to stain the name of Spain”, referring to the pardons granted to politicians jailed for the process. “What a pity. And all that for having bought four separatist seats,” he added in his message on Twitter.

Fran Carrillo, deputy spokesperson for Ciudadanos in the Andalusian Parliament, responded in a post on his Twitter account: “To find out what Delcy did to you in the toilets at the airport so that you would humiliate yourself in front of a dictator sadomasochist “.

Another Andalusian MP, Teresa Pardo, called the minister’s statements “antics” and said it was a strategy to “cover up the shame that pardons, surrenders and concessions to nationalism cause constitutional socialists and democrats ”.

Félix Álvarez, coordinator of Cs Cantabria, also defended his training on the same social network. “In our history, we have not carried out a coup, neither do we agree with those who want to break up Spain, nor do we fight with the terrorists.”

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