Civil Guard considers detained CDRs a “terrorist organization” and identifies Pablo Casado among its possible targets

Posted: Wednesday June 16 2021 9:14 PM

The Civil Guard’s report on radicalized CDRs detained in 2019 highlights the nature of a so-called “Terrorist Criminal Organization” of the so-called Tactical Response Team (ERT), insists they intended attack the Parliament of Catalonia and lists a number of people against whom they allegedly intended to act, including the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

The list also includes the names of several other politicians opposed to the independence movement, on which one of the detainees carried out research on the Internet, which “would have for objective the possible realization of an action against said persons or goods”.

Those on this list also include the former Secretary General of Citizens José Manuel Villegas or Barcelona City Councilor Manuel Valls, among other politicians, as well as an agent of the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The report, contained in the summary of the case, to which LaSexta had access, also outlines a series of objectives that the members of the ERT “would have chosen to carry out their attacks”, including Parliament.

These objectives include, in addition to the Catalan chamber, the military government of Barcelona, ​​the government delegation, the prosecutor’s office of the Catalan Superior Court of Justice or the headquarters of the Barcelona Civil Guard command, as well as members, vehicles and installations Security Forces and Organizations, high voltage pylons, installations on highways and tolls.

According to the investigation, members of the investigated group allegedly carried out “surveillance and control of police premises, taking photographs and videos” of targets on which they “intended to carry out some type of action or attack ”.

Thus, the Benemérita concludes that “the ERT has accomplished a fundamental task in planning the assault, occupation and defense of the Parliament of Catalonia, demonstrating its nature as a criminal organization with terrorist ends”.

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