Civil Guard warns of attempts to scam elderly people over coronavirus vaccine

Posted: Monday December 28 2020 17:22

There are those who take advantage of the arrival of the first vaccines in our country to cheat and the Civil Guard alerts on Twitter on the alleged attempts to scam the elderly in the Balearic Islands, the Canaries and Andalusia.

They do this through a call made to their home in which they are offered the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid at their home. However, these are fake vaccinations at home, with the aim of entering to steal or commit another type of crime in the homes of the most vulnerable sector of the population: the elderly.

In recent days, agents in the Balearic Islands have been aware that these appeals could be made with the aim of deceiving the elderly population, which is the one who will receive the first doses of the vaccine during these first months.

For his part, from Seville, the spokesperson for the Civil Guard. Rosa Reina. He explains that criminals call by phone pretending to be health workers and that in response, he advises “to call the nearest outpatient clinic to verify that the person calling us is the one you are calling. he claims to be ”.

But this is not the only scam attempt, because according to the Ermua City Council, fake letters are also sent to inform the recipient of the date and time when they should go to the outpatient clinic. to receive the first dose of the vaccine together. to the anagram of the Basque Health Service. Since December 24, they have had proof that these letters could be circulating.

Be vigilant and only trust official sources, this is the advice given by the authorities in a few days when the criminals do not rest.

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