Civil servants’ wages will increase by 0.9% next year

The coalition government will approve a 0.9% salary increase for civil servants for the year 2021. The same increase that will be applied to retirees and in line with inflation forecasts for next year. This is how the government will transfer it to the public space unions during the meeting of the General Council of Public Administrations this Monday afternoon to discuss the public employment offer 2020 and the 2021 budgets, in relation with rising wages and public places.

The executive of Sánchez informed that this Tuesday the preliminary draft of the general state budgets will be brought before the Council of Ministers, without the support of their accounts being yet guaranteed.

This increase is lower than the 2% approved for this year, which could reach 2.3% if additional funds were added. From the Ministry of Territorial Policy and the Public Service, they underline that with the increase in civil servants’ salaries, they want to recognize the work of staff in public services and administrations, with “essential” work in a “difficult situation” ”Due to the pandemic.

In 2018, former finance minister Cristóbal Montoro reached an agreement with the unions to set wage increases until 2020 between 6.1% and 8.8% linked to growth and achievement of targets. deficit.

28,000 public jobs

Regarding the public employment offer, the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Service will approve 28,055 places in 2020, less than the 33,000 places offered last year (the highest in ten years), while 5,000 places were included stabilization.

In addition, this year’s EPO includes 8,996 internal promotion positions, the largest in history. Unions last week did not support agreement on EGA positions, deeming it “insufficient

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