Clash between Government Employees in Islamabad: Pakistan: Islamabad Becomes a Battleground; Imran Khan police brutally beat employees – Pakistan Islamabad turns into war zone as government workers clash with Imran Khan police

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Pakistan’s capital Islamabad turned into a battlefield on Wednesday, police were brutally beaten by workers demanding the increment that the entire area was filled with smoke from tear gas shells.
Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, turned into a battlefield on Wednesday. Imran Khan’s police were brutally beaten by employees demanding a pay rise. The condition became such that the whole area was filled with smoke from tear gas shells. These demonstrators were trying to sneak into the forbidden zone of the red zone of Islamabad. Islamabad police have closed the Srinagar highway required to enter the city so protests cannot enter the country.

At the same time, due to the recklessness of this police, the highway was blocked and people returning from work had to be blocked for hours. According to the report of the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, for the first time in the history of the capital Islamabad, such a violent demonstration took place. The newspaper cites sources as saying that the Imran government was negligent in the matter of wages and that, as a result, employees’ patience was broken.
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Previously, a special committee was formed which included the main ministers of Imran Khan’s government. This committee warned Prime Minister Imran Khan that the salaries of government employees should be settled as soon as possible, otherwise serious problems could arise. Imran Khan took the neglect and did what was feared. After that, at the behest of the Pakistani government, which kept everyone under control with sticks and guns, the police not only fired tear gas canisters at these unarmed workers, but also attempted to chase them away with sticks. Police also arrested several employees gathered on Wednesday near the Pakistani secretariat.

Employees take to the streets of Islamabad.
The protests took place in several areas, including the secretariat block, cabinet block and Constitution Avenue in the capital Islamabad. A large number of employees also staged protests outside the National Press Club in Islamabad. It also included staff based in Balochistan and the Punjab. The protesters then began a march towards Parliament. After that, the police grabbed sticks while firing tear gas shells.
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Imran government shunned citing security
The Imran government has linked the security of the country to the movement of workers through the streets of Islamabad. Information Minister Shibli Faraj said Prime Minister Imran Khan was very concerned about the security of the red zone and the movement of employees. He claimed that Imran Khan ordered the relevant ministries to immediately resolve the personnel issues.

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