Climate change Global warming: Domino effect of climate change due to global warming:

Due to climate change, our earth is warming, which can result in melting ice and changes in the oceans. New research has claimed that it can affect 40% of the world’s population. What is worrying is that these changes can be seen even at low temperatures, whereas previous assessments were believed to be dangerous at high temperatures.

then things won’t get better
Scientists created 3 million computer simulations of climate models, about a third of which saw the domino effect when the temperature increase was less than 2 degrees Celsius above industrial levels. Such an increase in the Paris Agreement is considered the maximum. According to the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it will not be possible to improve the situation again due to climate change going to this point.

One effect after another
Because of this, the systems that form the basis of life on Earth can deteriorate. To simulate the Earth’s climate on a computer, the researchers had prepared models on which we could see the effect of dominoes in the climate system. Some of them are ice caps, ocean currents, and weather conditions such as El Nio. A new study has found that collapsing ice sheets can cause chain reaction changes.

threat of sea level rise
One result revealed that melting glaciers were slowing the Atlantic Current, affecting El-Nino and reducing rainfall in the Amazon rainforests and turning rainforests into savannas. The second simulation revealed that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet added fresh water to the ocean, slowing the current in the Atlantic Ocean and allowing heat to drain from the North Pole. Because of this, the temperature of the Southern Ocean began to rise and the Antarctic ice caps began to destabilize, due to which the water began to mix in the oceans and the sea level began to rise. increases.

Half of the population will be in difficulty
Most of the effects of climate change have been observed in coastal areas where 2.4 billion live, or about 40% of the world’s population. Study co-author Jonathan Donges argues that if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, then by the end of the century the temperature rise may exceed 3 ° C, while these results will only be visible after an increase of 1 degree. A higher temperature rise will cause more and more serious damage.

Earth has cooled in 6,000 years, global warming has boiled in just 150 years

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