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Nepal is witnessing another wave of corona virus. International flights have been banned in such cases.

New Delhi. International flights are banned due to the Corona virus. There is a complete ban on the arrival of foreign tourists. In such a situation, mountaineers returning from Mount Everest and other peaks in the Himalayas are facing great difficulty. The second wave of Kovid-19 is being seen in Nepal. International flights have been banned in view of the increase in Corona’s case.

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408 climbers got permits

A deadly wave of corona virus has spread in Nepal, which lies between China and India. In this case, most regular international flights are closed. Nepal issued 2,747 permits – 808 of which were issued to climbers in April-May. Many of these climbers now want to land before the monsoon season arrives. They have returned from the mountains before the rains begin.

According to Tashi Lakpa Sherpa, a senior official at Seven Summit Tracks, a Kathmandu-based private company, climbers are having difficulty getting home as only five weekly flights to India, Qatar and Turkey are operational.

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Climbers will return to Kathmandu soon

According to Sherpa, the situation could get worse as more climbers will end their expedition and return to Kathmandu in the next few days. Rewandrew Hughes of the United States said he had to make expensive trips on a chartered flight to Qatar on Wednesday night due to a lack of regular flights.

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