ClosinGap seeks to break the glass ceiling

ClosinGap, a cluster focused on analyzing the economic and social cost of gender inequality and promoting measures to close gender gaps in Spain, made up of twelve large companies -Merck, MAPFRE, Vodafone, Repsol, Meli Hotels Internacional, L ‘Oral Espaa, Mahou San Miguel and Soln de Cabras, BMW Group, PwC, Bankia, Grupo Social ONCE and KREAB- have set up a cross-mentoring program between them. This pioneering project aims to promote and accelerate the professional development of female talent, as well as to promote support measures that contribute to the collapse of the glass ceiling, which still exists in Spain.

44 professional women will share their professional experiences for one year

The cross-mentoring initiative is part of the collaborative framework of the ClosinGap Human Resources working group with the aim of accelerating the professional development of women identified with potential and talents within the companies of the cluster. The aim of the project is for them to advance in their professional careers and have the tools and opportunities to improve their leadership.

This program includes 44 professional women, twelve mentees from different fields and positions and twelve managerial mentors, who for one year will share training sessions and monthly mentoring meetings during which they will exchange experiences and professional careers, create links and valuable relationships. In the case of mentees, they will work on their personal brand, with the ultimate goal of giving them visibility and advancing their professional expectations. In turn, the mentors will have the opportunity to enrich themselves and interact with people from other fields and companies, improving their communication, guidance and counseling skills.

“ClosinGap’s cross-mentoring project between companies is the result of joint work and rapprochement between member companies with the clear objective of promoting equality from their own example. We are now at the service of the rest of the country’s companies and agents in the public and private sectors to move forward hand in hand towards a labor market in which there is neither gender inequality nor glass ceiling ”, underlined Marieta. Jimnez, President of ClosinGap and European President of Merck Healthcare.

Only 9% of management positions are held by women

According to the report published by ClosinGap on the gender gap in employment, led by PwC, Spain’s GDP could reach 16 points, 201 913 million euros, if full equality in employment and wages were reached. To this factor is added an additional reality, the inequality of management positions. Despite the fact that the percentage of women with a university education is higher than that of men, according to this report, only 8% of presidential positions and 9% of managerial positions are held by women, reflecting the roundness of the cap. of glass that exists in the Spanish labor market.

This glass ceiling is also reflected in the proportion of women on the boards of directors of IBEX 35 companies, where the female presence is estimated to be around 26%, a figure still far from the 30% recommended by the Code. good practices. Governance of CNMV listed companies and at a great distance from other countries in our environment.

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