Cloud signatures are starting to arrive in Outlook

In May, we learned that Microsoft was working to bring cloud support in Outlook for Windows email signatures. The feature has been delayed several times and is now scheduled for December 2020, according to the Microsoft Outlook roadmap.

Outlook starts offering new signatures in the cloud

However, it looks like users will soon have the option to set up an electronic signature and save it in the cloud. The folks at ZDNet and we’ve seen this information. In addition, roaming signature configuration is also present on our Windows device.


– Simon Bisson (@sbisson) November 12, 2020

Until now, email signatures are stored locally on Windows devices, and users have to manually configure signature settings every time they install their email client. With this feature, the email signatures will be saved in the user’s Microsoft 365 account.

Cloud signatures can be easier to manage because they will allow users to set up their account once, and new Outlook installations will have their signatures. The new experience should allow them to have a consistent signature on all devices. Since the feature is enabled by default, be aware that third-party plugins that provide this feature will no longer work on your computers.

At launch, Outlook for Windows is the first to benefit from cloud signing support, and Outlook for iOS and Android will benefit from this functionality at later dates. You can learn more about the feature in this support article.

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