CloudKnox, Microsoft’s new acquisition to boost the cloud

Satya Nadella is a CEO many people disliked due to his commitment to the cloud, but at the enterprise level he was right. Microsoft has increased its market capitalization sevenfold since Satya took over from Steve Ballmer. Now, with CloudKnox, they want to strengthen the company’s hybrid cloud. We tell you what the new acquisition of the Redmond giant is dedicated to.

CloudKnox, an expert in hybrid cloud permissions management

Microsoft has just announced the acquisition of CloudKnox, the only multi-cloud hybrid cloud authorization management platform. It offers granular visibility, automated remediation and continuous monitoring. CloudKnox provides full visibility into privileged access in the cloud. This helps organizations apply permissions correctly and consistently apply least privilege principles to reduce risk.

“The CloudKnox acquisition provides Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers with granular visibility, continuous monitoring and automated remediation for hybrid and multi-cloud permissions. We are committed to providing our customers with unified management of privileged access, identity governance and rights management, ”Microsoft wrote.

Azure Active Directory is one of the pillars of Microsoft and making it easier to manage permissions and privileges is of vital importance. This could help redesign this area by simplifying the work of IT staff. It’s amazing how from the inside they see the gaps or weaknesses that need to be improved through different business acquisitions.

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