Coca-Cola Achieves Social Commitment by Empowering 5 Million Women in 2020

Coca-Cola Achieves Social Commitment by Empowering 5 Million Women in 2020

A challenge taken up at the global level. This year, International Women’s Day is of particular importance for Coca-Cola because in 2020 the company exceeded its target and economically empowered 6.2 million women worldwide, 1.3 million in Europe, as part of its global 5by20 initiative.

And is that after a year in which the pandemic has highlighted the challenges we expect as a society, Coca-Cola has been working on its commitment to promote diversity, inclusion and female talent. to build a better society. In 2020 alone, he successfully empowered 1.6 million women around the world.

“At Coca-Cola, we work for a more inclusive society by promoting diversity and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of women. For this reason, we are deeply proud of what we have achieved with 5by20 ”, says Juan Ignacio de Elizalde, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Iberia. “These numbers and the successes of the women behind them are a result of the work done over the past 10 years, in collaboration with countless partners, to provide training in business skills, financial services and organizing mentors aimed at to improve the skills of women. successfully develop their professional career, ”he emphasizes.

In Spain and Portugal, Coca-Cola, along with its bottling partner Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), has helped realize this global commitment through various programs and initiatives, empowering 21,709 women over the past year. decade. Among the initiatives in our country and in Portugal that have contributed to this figure, stands out GIRA Mujeres, a training program of Coca-Cola, co-funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, aimed at women who want to work or develop a business. idea related to food and beverage industry. Thanks to GIRA Mujeres, 17,747 women have acquired the skills, knowledge and preparation necessary to improve their employability or entrepreneurship.

As Ana Gascn, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Coca-Cola Iberia, points out, “At Coca-Cola, we are aware of the contribution of women to improving their socio-economic environment and their power to act. as an engine of development in their communities. , as was demonstrated after the pandemic. We have thousands of examples in the stories of the participants of GIRA Mujeres, who contributed to the making of “5by20” ”, he emphasizes. “However, at Coca-Cola, we know that there is still a long way to go and that continuing to work for the empowerment of women and progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires the collective effort of governments. , society, social organizations and the sector. private, ”he concludes.

Among all the initiatives carried out to improve the employability of women, the work of Coca-Cola in collaboration with the Red Cross to achieve the professional integration of women in social difficulty stands out. Through this collaboration and joint work, 4,415 women were helped to upgrade their skills to access employment and improve their professional qualifications.

Likewise, Coca-Cola has been close to the youngest, supporting them in their training for the professional future, succeeding through its GIRA Jvenes program in offering 2199 young women unforgettable training experiences to improve their personal skills and complete their professional preparation.

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