Coca-Cola begins its fifth edition of the GIRA Mujeres program

Female entrepreneurship as an economic driver: Coca-Cola begins its fifth edition of the GIRA Mujeres program

GIRA Mujeres, the education and training program promoted by Coca-Cola for women who want to develop a business idea through entrepreneurship, has started its fifth edition. On this occasion, the initiative adapted to the circumstances derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing entrepreneurship training as a means of generating economic and social impact in the communities of origin of women. participants, while promoting the generation of new businesses as the impetus of existing businesses.

The presentation of this new edition was developed within the framework of a virtual seminar (webinar) during which Francisco Polo, High Commissioner of Espaa Nacin Emprendedora; Sol Daurella, president of Coca-Cola European Partners; Carlota Pi, CEO of Holaluz; Marisa Soleto, director of Fundacin Mujeres; Juanjo Manzano, communications director of AlmaNatura; and Carmen Gmez-Acebo, director of corporate responsibility for Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia.

Entrepreneurship as an economic driver and a lever for recovery

During his speech, Francisco Polo, High Commissioner of Espaa Nacin Emprendedora, analyzed the importance of entrepreneurship as an economic engine and a lever for recovery. Polo stressed, “The vocation of Coca-Cola to support is still important and more so now that we are going through a crisis derived from the pandemic. These actions add value to the country, not just to the women who participate in the program. We need actions like this that help close the gender gap. We cannot ignore 50% of talent because that would amount to ignoring the talent of 50% of the population. We must make Spain a benchmark for female talent, and we will achieve this with the Espaa Nacin Emprendedora program ”.

For her part, Sol Daurella, President of Coca-Cola European Partners, recalled the genesis and evolution of the project and underlined: “I had the opportunity to meet many women who took part in this project and ‘is very exciting and exemplary of his courage. I fully understand the difficulties and challenges that an entrepreneur faces, but also the satisfaction that comes with when this effort begins to pay off. Now, in this particularly complicated environment for entrepreneurship, where the group of women is also more vulnerable, once again we offer you all our support with GIRA Mujeres, to work for a sustainable social recovery ”.

This meeting also analyzed the importance of entrepreneurship in rural areas as an element to secure the population and avoid the abandonment of these places and the need to continue working on the reduction of gender gaps.

GIRA Mujeres aims to empower women from all over Spain between the ages of 18 and 60 as economic agents contributing to the transformation and development of their respective communities and, therefore, as a lever and driver in the face of the current situation , through their business and their work. To do this, it offers training and support so that they can progress towards social entrepreneurship in sectors such as food and drink, leisure and tourism, sectors, the latter two, which are integrated to the program and were seriously affected crisis.

It is an initiative that also contributes to the promotion of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 – end of poverty -, 5 – gender equality -, 8 – decent work and growth economic -, 10 – reduction of inequalities -, 11 – sustainable cities and communities -, 12 – responsible consumption and production – and 17 – alliances to achieve objectives -.

GIRA Mujeres contributes to meeting the information and training needs of women entrepreneurs: it strengthens their digital skills, supports them throughout the entrepreneurship process, provides them with information on financing issues and, in the context of crisis current, helps with emotional management and personal empowerment. Thus, work is underway to reduce the gender gap (female entrepreneurship, women’s confidence and security in themselves) and the digital divide.

“With the launch of this fifth edition of GIRA Mujeres, we want to help women who want to start their own business, but do not know the tools that can help them. In the current situation, many people, including many women, have realized that they can take a step forward to participate in the process of transformation that our society needs. From Coca-Cola, we want to support them, providing them with training and support so that they can achieve their goals, ”said Carmen Gmez-Acebo, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia.

To carry out this initiative, Coca-Cola benefits from the support and collaboration of entities committed to gender equality and the promotion of economic development in urban and rural areas such as Fundacin Mujeres, Dona Activa, AlmaNatura and Impact Hub.

Marisa Soleto, Director of Fundacin Mujeres, underlined that “the experience of GIRA Mujeres shows that strategic alliances between companies and civil society can give very good results to support, in this case, female entrepreneurship. Ensure that women can develop their business ideas are not only a contribution to the common good and to the development of equality between women and men, but they will be one of the essential elements of economic recovery and reconstruction post-COVID. We cannot do without the economic dynamism of women’s business initiatives and we cannot continue to allow women to have greater difficulties in starting their businesses. It is necessary that all institutions and organizations get to work and this new edition of GIRA Mujeres is an example of good practice. “

Fixation of the rural population

The objective of this fifth edition is to reach 640 women from all over Spain and 200 in Portugal, through a free training program designed in an online format. A good part of the actions of GIRA Mujeres will take place in medium-sized towns, in which women from rural and urban areas can meet. In this way, through this initiative, it is encouraged that the entrepreneurship projects developed by the participating women can influence the economic development of these communities and, in this way, fix the population and fight against rural depopulation in “ l ‘Spain emptied’ by economic development.

“We have a commitment to the communities in which we operate and therefore we do not want any of them to be left behind in the economic recovery after the crisis. With GIRA Mujeres, we want to help give that impetus that many women expect to start a business idea or to adapt to new situations that will arise in the future. The experience of previous years has given us good examples and initiatives that help provide development opportunities to many women in areas at risk of depopulation, ”said Carmen Gmez-Acebo.

In this sense, in his speech, Juanjo Manzano, communications director of AlmaNatura, wished to emphasize that “the support to rural women entrepreneurs is an incredible opportunity for the socio-economic development of rural areas that need new ideas. for their activation and that at the same time, they respond to the needs of these territories through models of social entrepreneurship ”.

‘GIRA Mujeres accompanies you’

The fifth edition presents the format “ GIRA Mujeres te escoa ” which, in turn, is divided into two categories: “ I want to be an entrepreneur ”, aimed at women in regions with high unemployment, who want to start up and who are helped to identify self-employment alternatives; and “I have a business”, which is aimed at women business leaders affected by the crisis who are offered support in order to boost their entrepreneurial projects.

In both cases, participants will have online training in 6 group sessions (in small groups) and individualized follow-up. Once completed, the women and their projects or businesses will become part of the GIRA Mujeres community and participate in a competition that will give them the opportunity to obtain 5,000 euros in seed capital to start or improve their project.

In the four previous editions of GIRA Mujeres, more than 17,547 women aged between 18 and 60 from all over the national territory participated.

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