Collectives of historical memory gather in front of Congress to demand that the government condemn the coup of 1936

The Collectives of Historical Memory and the Victims of Francoism met on July 18, as they do every year, to condemn the coup d’état of July 18, 1936, which sparked civil war in Spain. But in 2021, instead of focusing on Puerta del Sol, they focused outside Congress to demand an end to the Franco regime’s impunity.

“If so far all the actions we have taken against the coup d’état of July 18 have been carried out in Puerta del Sol, this year, since the presentation to Congress of the law on historical memory is underway, we have come here to support that it contains what we demand ”, explains Pablo Mayoral, president of La Comuna – Presxs del Franco, one of the entities which demonstrated this Sunday.

Mayoral recalls that the anti-Franco associations are in favor of a new law on historical memory, but also underlines that the government project has “quite a few shortcomings”. “We want it to contain the rejection, the illegalization and the annulment of all the condemnations of the Franco regime”, proclaims Mayoral, who explains that from his association they also demand that the new law contain the prosecution of Franco’s crimes and that Franco’s crimes do not prescribe and are considered crimes against humanity.

The groups are demanding a law that puts an end to the impunity of the Franco regime and that recognizes the victims. “We come to demand to be listened to and that the political forces negotiate and align themselves with what we propose”, assures Europa Press a spokesperson, Arturo Peinado. “We demand the full legal recognition of the victims of the Franco regime,” he underlines, while recalling that the anti-Franco groups also demand that the courts martial and the courts of the Franco regime be declared illegal, as well as the judicialization of exhumation. mass grave process.

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