Comment from García Egea on the aspect of “those of Podemos”

Posted: Saturday June 26 2021 6:32 PM

Government’s “no” to cutting VAT for hairdressers from 21% to 10% angered opposition after PP introduced transactional amendment to tax fraud bill in a vote which received all parliamentary support, except for the PSOE.

This Saturday, Teodoro García Egea, general secretary of the popular, commented on this veto during a party law in Almería, where he had a few words on the aspect of “those of Podemos”.

“This week – the government – won with the hairdressers. I do not know if it is a requirement of its government partners, who have a mania for these hairdressers in Podemos”, he shared with the people. present. You can see the moment in the video accompanying these lines.

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