Commitment to people, key to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis

The Spanish Association of Executives and Advisers (EJE & CON) and the Msfamilia Foundation organized an online event to reflect and discuss the impact of the crisis generated by Covid-19 on conciliation issues.

Roberto Martnez, director of Fundacin Msfamilia, underlined in his speech the importance of flexibility and conciliation as key elements in dealing with Covid-19. “From Fundacin Msfamilia, we have been working and promoting this process of transformation based on conciliation since 2005 and in a way, unfortunately, this pandemic has come to tell us that we are right. On the one hand, with regard to the need to focus on people and to design human organizations. On the other hand, flexibility. More and more we are moving towards a more difficult environment, more and more evolving towards a liquid reality and we cannot respond to this reality with virtual organizations, if not with organizations, like the rf, which are flexible and know how to adapt, ”he assured.

The event included the presentation of the results of the reconciliation survey prepared by the Observatory for Innovation and Trends to EJE & CON’s partners.

Mercedes Hernndez, member of the Innovation and Trends Observatory, presented the findings and assured that “due to the pandemic, most companies have had to find new ways of working to guarantee their operations. Despite the fact that teleworking had to be implemented during forced marches, 75% of our employees believe that men and women have also adapted to changes in work models, 51% have managed to reconcile better and 15% have improved allocating tasks with your partner and taking care of children or dependents. Therefore, we can interpret that in most cases the work-family balance has improved. On the other hand, telework will be a very important tool for retaining talent, tracked through flexible working hours, according to 72%. “

In the same vein, Concepcin Gmez de Liao, vice president of EJE & CON, underlined that “Covid 19 has highlighted the need to adapt to a new way of working and involves a new way of working. understand reconciliation: on the one hand, you have to know when to disconnect while the personal and professional space converge and, on the other hand, flexibility of the schedule is the key to being able to take care of the needs of our children and our parents – now more vulnerable.

The session also had the participation of two efr entities such as Calidad Pascual and Enags, who told firsthand how they have adapted to the new reality generated by Covid-19.

Joseba Arano, Director of People, Quality and Ethics, Responsible and Excellent at Calidad Pascual, said during the roundtable that “conciliation is one of the keys so that all of us who are part of Pascual have a life project that is more balanced between the staff and the professional, more complete and, ultimately, which improves our quality of life. The efr model designed by Fundacin Msfamilia has established itself as a very useful tool for effectively implementing reconciliation processes. This is recognition for companies that really care about taking care of their employees. The seal recognizes the responsible management models of companies that see their main business value in their teams. At Pascual, this means the recognition of a whole corporate philosophy which always places the well-being of its employees at the forefront. Thus, we have managed to be one of the Spanish companies that has this recognition, being, moreover, the only company in the dairy sector with a level of excellence ”.

Under the title “The importance of conciliation and how Covid-19 will change paradigms”, the roundtable also included the intervention of Teresa Blanco, coordinator of people management at Enags, who explained that “for Enags the conciliacin was a voluntary commitment acquired years ago and the objective was to contribute to the personal and professional success of the entire team that makes up the company. For this, we have a comprehensive reconciliation plan which includes specific objectives, indicators and actions to make the different aspects of people’s lives compatible, promoting equal opportunities and joint responsibility ”.

Fundacin Msfamilia and EJE & CON work closely together to promote joint projects and initiatives aimed at promoting awareness of gender-neutral talents.

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