Commons break off negotiations with ERC until they reject junts in government

Publication: Thursday May 13, 2021 4:02 PM

En Comú Podem leader in Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, has announced the failure of her party’s negotiations with ERC nomination candidate Pere Aragonès until she excludes entry now or in the future of Junts in the Catalan government. .

“We consider the negotiations broken until he says publicly that the junts will not enter government now or the rest of the legislature,” Albiach told Aragonès during the control session at the regional executive acting.

The Commons agreed to negotiate with ERC if they emancipated themselves from the Junts for a future government, but in the last hours, the Republicans agreed to a minimum pact with the CUP and the post-convergents, a red line for the purple.

Albiach insisted with Aragonès on the fact that the only way out of the situation of blockade which the Catalan policy knows is a progressive government, vis-a-vis the “insult” to the citizenship that would be a new electoral call and the repetition. of the tandem ERC-Junts, which would be a “failed” government again.

For the leader of the Morados, Aragonès “must decide” whether or not he wants to be president of the Generalitat “under the tutelage” of Junts, whether or not he wants to “protect the public services” and whether he “believes or not in the dialogue table. ”

In the response, however, the acting vice president of the president replied that there are four parties which, in his opinion, must find a formula to understand each other because “arithmetic is what it is”, and has named ERC, Junts, CUP and common.

Despite the exit from the violets negotiations, Aragonès said he was “convinced” that the remaining term could be used to reach a government pact that avoids the electoral call.

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