Communist Party of Nepal Divided: Communist Party on the Brink of Collapse in Nepal, Chinese Ambassador’s Efforts Fail! – Nepalese Communist Party on the verge of split after Chinese Ambassador Hou Yanqi’s efforts failed

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The ruling Communist Party in Nepal, after long-standing differences, now almost “ endemic ” on the verge of breaking up, says the prime minister has decided to split the Communist Party, according to some party leaders, the change of attitude of Oli Kathmandu comes after RAW chief’s visit
Despite the best efforts of Chinese Ambassador Hao Yankee, the ruling Communist Party in Nepal is ultimately seen as on the verge of collapse after long-standing differences. Relatives of Pushp Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”, the leader of the opposition faction of PM KP Sharma Oli, say that the prime minister has decided to split the Communist Party. Some Communist Party leaders say that Oli’s attitude change came after the RAW chief visited Nepal.

Prachanda’s colleagues said Oli said at a recent meeting that the party must be divided. According to a report released in Kathmandu, Prachanda met Oli on Saturday after 11 days. After that, Dahal held a meeting with 5 of the 9 members of the Secretariat at his residence on Sunday. Party spokesman and Secretariat member Narayan Kazi Shrestha said that during this meeting, Dahal said that Oli told him that he would not be calling the secretariat meeting.

Oli will not accept the decisions of the party committee
Shrestha said that not only that, Oli also said that he would not accept the decisions of the party committee. He said: “According to Dahal, Oli said if someone has a problem, it is better to divide the party.” Besides Shreshtha at this Prachanda meeting, Interior Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, Bamdev Gautam party vice-president and senior leaders Jhala Nath Khanal and Madhav Kumar Nepal were present in the Oli cabinet.

Earlier on Sunday, Bishnu Prasad Paudel, general secretary of the Nepalese Communist Party and head of the Ministry of Finance, said his party faced serious life threat. He said: “At this moment a serious crisis has arisen over the integrated and indivisible existence of the Communist Party of Nepal. I ask all leaders, cadres and fellow members to contribute to preserving the unity of the party.

“ Things start to change again after meeting the head of RAW ”
In contrast, many leaders of the Nepalese Communist Party claim that since the birth of this party, it faced struggles and the result was sure to come. Let us know that the Nepalese Communist Party was founded by a merger between the CPN-UML of Oli and the CPN (MC) of Dahal. Both came from different ideologies, so questions were raised about the future of this party.

Differences began to appear a year and a half after the founding of the Nepalese Communist Party. Political analysts claim that on numerous occasions Oli has had a confrontation between Dahal’s arrogance and ambition. Earlier on September 11, the two groups had reached an agreement. After that, the Prachanda and Oli factions kept the peace between them. Some party leaders say things started to change again after meeting with the head of India’s intelligence agency RAW on October 21.

After Raw Chief’s visit, the Chinese equation in Nepal seems to change.
Of the 172 members of the parliamentary party of the PCN, 75 to 80 deputies are from Oli. There are 50 deputies with Dahal and 40 to 45 deputies with Madhav Kumar Nepal. Party sources say the figure could change very quickly. Meanwhile, Oli and Prachanda are busy bringing deputies to their court. Previously, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hao Yankee had met Oli and Prachanda with all their might to keep them together. However, after Raw Chief’s visit, China’s equation in Nepal now appears to be changing.

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