Communist Vladimir Putin: Twitter storm on Ted Cruz against Vladimir Putin as a communist: Ted Cruise communicated to Wladimir Putin on Twitter

US Senator Ted Cruz caused a ruckus by calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a communist. NBC TV presenter Brian Williams has dubbed it the ‘Kremlin Cruise’. Ted described Putin as a KGB-backed communist in a tweet. The #KremlinCruz trend on Twitter following Williams’ provocation.

At the same time, Ted described Putin as a communist and cruel dictator and described himself as an antagonist of communism. Cruise accused President Joe Biden of giving Russia the option to build the disputed Nordstream 2 natural gas pipeline in Germany. Ted shared a video on Twitter comparing the Russian and US military.

Said “ Kremlin Cruise ”
It showed recruiting women into the US military, which Ted made fun of and didn’t describe as a good idea. It was later criticized and Brian Williams called it “Kremlin Cruise”.

Krause wrote in response, “I hate Communists. They imprisoned and tortured my family. Brian argues like the Russian Communists (and Chinese and Cuban).

At the same time, critic and writer Kevin Cruise asked Ted if he thought the Kremlin had a Communist government? In response, Cruise wrote: “Yes, Col. Vladimir Putin of the KGB is and always has been a Communist. Most brutal leftists are dictators. So you protect them.

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