Communities debate with health to prioritize the first doses and delay the second vaccine

Publication: Monday April 19, 2021 2:22 PM

The Public Health Commission, which brings together technicians from the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities, will discuss at its meeting on Tuesday the postponement of the second injection of the COVID-19 vaccine in those under 79 years old, with the aim of give priority to the first doses for the most vulnerable groups, as several autonomous communities confirmed to LaSexta.

Some regions, such as Catalonia, Andalusia or Madrid, had asked to delay second vaccinations – in the style of the UK strategy – and, according to the draft sixth update of the vaccination strategy that will be discussed tomorrow and to which the EFE had access, this point will be on the agenda.

The document specifies that the current epidemiological situation in Spain could indicate an increase in the number of cases, “it is therefore considered important to vaccinate as soon as possible the greatest number of the most vulnerable people”.

Specifically, it is proposed to continue the separation of the second doses of Pfizer and Moderna as reflected in the current strategy (21 days and 28 days, respectively) but to increase the interval in those under 79 to between six or eight. weeks. And space the second puncture in those under 69, also six to eight weeks.

According to health sources at LaSexta, this is one of the “many” open debates and proposals that are on the table of the technicians of this commission. So far, the ministry has been reluctant to delay full vaccination to prioritize protecting the elderly.

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