Community of Madrid commits to Office 365 in education

If you are a student in the Community of Madrid, you are in luck. Microsoft and the Community of Madrid have reached an agreement so that all educational centers can use Office 365 services.

All schools will have free and secure access to the Office 365 suite. This includes access to Microsoft Teams which will help teachers manage everything through this platform.

Office 365 and Teams will be available in schools in the Community of Madrid

Yesterday, the Minister of Education and Youth, Enrique Ossorio and the President of Microsoft Western Europe, Cindy Helen Rose, signed the agreement that will allow educational centers in the Community of Madrid to use the tools Microsoft by students and educators.

In addition to Office 365, schools will have access to Microsoft Teams. This platform has acquired great relevance in educational environments and facilitates access to all didactic content and allows students to be easily assessed.

For teachers who need help, a series of workshops will be offered to them so that they can make the most of these technologies. In addition, the use of Microsoft technologies guarantees compliance with the security and confidentiality policies of this service.

This will encourage the use of new technologies in educational centers by promoting the participation of teachers and students in digital environments. Something that needs to be improved at the national level.

We are happy to see this great agreement in the Community of Madrid. Office tools have become the key to job submissions and more. Microsoft has made it a standard and Teams is even used by many schools around the world. This agreement provides educational centers in the Community of Madrid with the best tools for students and teachers.

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