Community of Madrid COVID card will be announced in the “coming days”

Posted: Thursday November 19, 2020 1:25 PM

The government of Díaz Ayuso will announce “in the coming days” the launch of the COVID card of the Community of Madrid. Sources from the Ministry of Health confirm to LaSexta that this measure promoted by the regional president “will be explained in detail in the coming days”.

As ‘El Mundo’ progresses, there will be a dump in the virtual health card of the diagnostic data included in the clinical history of each patient on CRP, serological tests and antigenic tests to which they have been subjected, both in the public health system and private laboratories. To questions from LaSexta, sources from the Ministry of Health confirm this information.

Last July, Díaz Ayuso defended the Covid card, saying that in the future it might be needed for “jobs”. “We do not know how this will develop. Against Covid, we have been fighting for a year or two and I do not exclude that in the future knowing your immunity will help you or be necessary for jobs,” the regional president said in a radio interview.

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