Companies are increasingly outsourcing the search for technological or digital talent

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated research in the labor market for technological and digital positions. These profiles are the ones that have been most requested in recent months. The trend will continue and even become more pronounced in the years to come.

But this research is presented as a big challenge for companies since there are several factors which slow down this attraction of talent.

First, there is a large and growing imbalance between supply and demand. Especially in some technical positions, the few qualified candidates receive a large number of offers. It is not easy to hold your attention, because in some cases there may be even more vacancies than applicants.

On the other hand, technologies are constantly evolving and recruiting services take a lot of effort to keep up to date. However, it is necessary to master them in order to attract the best talents, interested in cutting-edge and avant-garde technological projects.

In addition, the pace of these selection processes is much faster than in other types of research. In a matter of weeks, a candidate considering a change can receive several offers. Speed ​​is the key.

It is also important to know the sector in depth, to discern the right candidates for each position.

The methods are also different. The publication of offers in this sector has very limited effectiveness, especially in traditional platforms that are not used by technology profiles. Active and intense research is needed.

All of these factors lead to the outsourcing of these processes.

Outsourcing, a solution for the search for technological and digital talents

Having a specialized recruiting firm has several considerable advantages, and this becomes a key success factor.

The people in these firms know the industry inside and out, are used to fast processes and handle all the specific tools, such as Linkedin Recruiter, an expensive but essential platform to carry out the active research necessary for this type of process.

Selecta Digital, the ideal ally for a successful search for technological profiles.

One of these specialist companies is Selecta Digital, an IT selection consultancy.

Its consultants have extensive experience and industry knowledge, and they work with databases with a large number of candidates.

They are also tech-savvy and used to fast and agile processes. This year, for example, the company has worked more than 50 intermediate profiles in this sector, with a high success rate. They are all kinds of developers and architects, developers, system administrators, data scientists, big data, SAP, Microstrategy, Salesforce and other technologies. Also experts in cybersecurity or cloud, CTO, CIO, Scrum Masters, managers, team leaders and technological consultants of different levels.

Many technological candidates know the company and trust Selecta Digital, and are more open to listening to offers and proposals.

On the other hand, the consulting firm advises companies on the most suitable salary bracket for each position, a factor that changes rapidly and which, if it is not in phase with the market, can make it impossible to close a process.

The advantages of this outsourcing far outweigh the disadvantages, and the risk is very limited as most costs are variable, until success.

In addition to the modality of hiring a specific position, the IT recruitment consultancy firm Selecta Digital also offers the modality of dedicated consultants (RPO for its name in English, Recruitment Process Outsourcing) ideal for companies that suddenly need to hire a large number of positions.

On the other hand, although Selecta Digital manages the processes for the middle positions, it has teamed up with ID Bootcamps, the technological school of ID Digital School, to help the students of its various intensive courses to find an incoming position. in the technological labor market.

Among the intensive bootcamps, the full stack programming bootcamp, the data science and machine learning bootcamp and the cybersecurity bootcamp stand out.

As a part-time option, there is the bootcamp in mobile application development, the bootcamp in devops and the bootcamp in UX / UI design and product management.

If you need to outsource a technology selection process, contact Selecta Digital today. You can call 689 119485 for more information.

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