“Companies can now develop their strategies and communicate more effectively with their teams thanks to gamification”

Interview with Virgile Loisance, CEO of Emeraude Escape: “Today companies can develop their strategies and communicate more effectively with their teams thanks to gamification”

We spoke to Virgile Loisance, CEO of Emeraude Escape, a company dedicated to the design and development of business and gamification games for use in the professional environment.

Question. How was Emeraude Escape born and what is its goal?

Reply. When I was working in a large company, I discovered that some processes had limited efficiency and a mostly passive role. Whether it’s learning, communication, awareness, the company I worked for didn’t quite understand how to involve its teams on these subjects. We wanted to improve the business experience by allowing everyone to have an active role and voice, and there was no better way to do that than through games, so I tried to find one. new innovative approach to business games. Emerald Escape was born out of the need to innovate in the way people and teams interact with each other to learn new skills, create awareness, introduce new products and services, or simply build cohesion. team.

Q. How does Emeraude Escape create and develop its games?

A. Our secret: customize everything we do without compromising quality and security infrastructure. Words like “No” do not exist in our vocabulary when we speak with our clients. It creates many challenges and difficulties in our daily work, but we are passionate, creative and excellent storytellers, so we always solve it. We are known for our speed and flexibility, which allows us to achieve first class execution.

Q. More and more companies are switching to gamification, what are the benefits? Are employees comfortable with these new types of online games?

Companies now understand that they can develop their strategies and communicate more effectively with their teams thanks to gamification. Games are scientifically proven to enhance learning, so the market is expanding and our business is growing. Employees are the most important asset of any business and therefore the emotional connection of employees with the business is essential. At Emeraude, we are working on versatile gamification products for HR processes, but not only. We have diversified into corporate culture, prevention and awareness at work. We believe that gaming solutions at work really strengthen the bond and develop a healthy company culture.

In the long term, we want to develop different gamification tools to increase employee motivation and retention through our game theory methodology.

Q. How has the growth of teleworking derived from the pandemic affected the gamification of businesses? Have business demands changed in the type of game? Have business demands increased?

A. Regarding our company, we had to fully digitize our offer because physical escape games were no longer possible due to COVID-19; that’s why we decided to hire developers and designers to develop a new line of fully digital games. We are approached by many companies to create team building apps and games, as well as webinars, because physical events are more complicated to organize today than they were in the past. Customer demands have increased dramatically over the past year and we are proud to be able to meet this increased demand.

Q. How has the growth of teleworking derived from the pandemic affected the gamification of businesses? Have business demands changed in the type of game? Have business demands increased?

A. When an employee is faced with a situation in which they are actively playing their part in learning a skill, solving a puzzle, or overcoming a challenge, they are much more likely to withhold certain information. We all know that lengthy presentations and meetings via Zoom are actually counterproductive for team building, organization and cohesion. When teams are at the center of the action, they develop skills and learn new key messages much faster and easier, while increasing retention rates.

Q. What games are most requested by companies and how satisfied are companies with applying this type of game to their employees?

A. Companies are very interested in our practice games. Whether it’s learning new skills, combining learning, or mentor / mentor play models, our clients have found that the best way to teach is through simulation and game design. Other popular games are for product launches combined with training; Many companies train their sales and retail teams on new products through play, which allows them to teach teams and promote new products at the same time.

We received feedback from several clients that their teams qualified in their gaming activities over a traditional activity, this was the case of Wavestone, a consultancy group that has developed a team building game for more than 350 consultants in play. everyone during the week of their onboarding seminar this year.

Q. Now that you have created escape games to prevent occupational hazards, why? What do you take into account to develop them? What are the benefits of these types of games for businesses?

A. Prevention and risk awareness has always been a big part of what we basically do. We’ve worked with security executives and game designers to develop powerful games that tackle very serious topics like cybersecurity, workplace safety or sustainability effectively through gamification. Keep the serious part of the topic in mind while entertaining the employee. This is essential so that you understand the main conclusions that the company wants to convey to you. Moreover, these games belong to the companies who request them so that they can share them with new employees and different teams around the world. This allows them to unify their messages between teams and branches.

Q. What expectations does the company have for this year in Spain?

A. The Spanish market has been very receptive to our solutions, we are in contact with Spanish companies interested in our products, which shows the enthusiasm and maturity of the market. We are currently working on a large project for the Spanish market that mixes entertainment and business. It will be launched in September and will be our first large-scale project in the Spanish market. We want to be able to serve companies in Spain and support them in transforming the engagement and results of their teams through gamification. We are very confident in this market as it appears open to the adoption of new innovative corporate gamification. We are currently evaluating the possibility of opening an office in Spain.

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