“Companies must bet on flexibility in everything that contemplates the ecosystem of employees”

Interview. Ignacio Traves, Co-Founder and CSO of Cobee: “Companies must bet on flexibility in anything that contemplates the employee ecosystem”

Happy employees generate greater productivity and a greater level of engagement within companies, hence the need to implement adequate social benefit programs by organizations in a period when this type of foresight and foresight acquire a key role for the worker.

And it is that more and more employees are demanding more flexible benefit plans within the framework of the possibilities offered by their company. In fact, as Ignacio Traves, vice president of sales at Cobee, reveals in an interview with RRHHDigital, “there is already a majority of those who choose benefit plans over money.” For the second year in a row, nearly 70% of employees surveyed would prefer to earn more in benefits than in fixed salary “

A statement that comes after a year of pandemic that has truncated benefit plans in companies, leaving more than half of employees without being able to access them. According to Ignacio Traves, “more than 60% of the employees questioned declared not to have been able to benefit from their advantages during the period of the pandemic”.

This is very relevant data that gives rise to the need to rely on more digital models that are more suited to teleworking, as requested by the worker himself. “Within the study, one in two employees is not motivated by their pension plan. In addition, 80% consider their pension plan to be impersonal and generalist. In fact, as the size of companies increases, it increases this sense of generality. “

For this reason, they influence Cobee, it is necessary to bet on more personal, digital and simple models. “Businesses need to capitalize on the concept of flexibility in anything that contemplates the employee ecosystem.” In fact, according to the organization’s study, “Employees are realizing that benefits are taking a back seat and that new health and wellness benefits are starting to emerge in which employees are showing more concern. ‘interest,’ says Traves.

By way of background, the concern over savings is a new trend that emerged over the past year. As Cobee explains, “more than 50% of respondents have started to take an interest in savings plans now, after the pandemic”.

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