compensation for housework to wife: Chinese husband ordered to pay ex-wife for housework for five years

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In China, the court ordered the husband to compensate the wife for housework, the new civil law came into force this year in China, the wife can apply for compensation for housework, the value of working in wife’s house in China Chinese social media debate over determination
The Chinese court ordered a husband to pay compensation of Rs 5 lakh 61,000 to his divorced wife instead of 5 years of housework. The wife’s name is Wang and the husband’s name would be Chen. Wang told the Beijing court that she took care of the child during the five years of marriage. Apart from that, she also did household chores. The wife also claimed that her husband did not help her with any domestic work except for going to the office.

The husband did all the housework
According to the statement filed in court on February 4, wife Wang claimed additional compensation for domestic labor and childcare against her husband. After that, the court said in its verdict that her husband had placed an excessive burden of responsibility on Wang. For which he was ordered to give custody of the children to 50,000 Yuan (Rs. 560,879) and 2,000 Yuan (Rs. 22,435) each month.

This year, China implemented a new law
According to the new Chinese law that came into effect this year, the divorcee has the right to claim compensation once in exchange for taking care of and performing household chores. After hearing the news of the enactment of this law in the media, Wang appealed to the court for damages against her husband. In his appeal, Wang demanded 160,000 yuan (Rs 1,794,813). Since then, there has been a debate about the value of women working from home on social media in China.

Chinese social media are also debating
The hashtag #stayathome was all the rage on Chinese social media on Wednesday. More than 70 million people tweeted the case on Weibo, a platform like Twitter. A lot of people are writing their opinions on social media in favor of women working from home. People are asking for more financial aid, saying that the 50,000 yuan aid is insufficient instead of working from home.

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