Complaints, insults, controversies … this is the internal battle that the PP of Seville is living with its two candidates confronted

The provincial PP of Seville votes with the complaints of the candidate Juan Ávila, the bet of the Junta de Andalucía, on the table. Some affiliates assured laSexta that they were not allowed to vote this Saturday, although they kept their dues up to date. “I come to exercise my right to vote and they refuse me to keep my quotas up to date,” said Yolanda Vera, a party affiliate.

It was an essential condition to participate in the vote. Sin embargo, desde el propio Comité organizador del congreso, han negado que existeda un problema: “Todo afiliado para poder votar tiene que estar al día con los pagos, y eso es lo que hemos aplicado”, ha asegurado María Eugenia Moreno, presidenta del Organizing committee.

But in the absence of a few hours before the start of Congress, Juan Ávila’s candidacy demanded that “less than an hour before the vote, affiliates do not know who the candidates are for the delegates attending the electoral process” . In this sense, they denounce that it must be known at least 48 hours before the meeting.

This escalation of tension began with an audio from Juan Ávila to which laSexta had access in which the candidate said: “I think leaving the party in the hands of these scoundrels would be a tragedy”, a few words for which the candidate himself asked for an apology, insisting that voting should be an open process for all affiliates. Otherwise, he warned, “there may be more demands than votes in Congress on Monday.”

Meanwhile, since Genoa’s candidacy, Virginia Pérez has called for a vote with “peace of mind” and made sure there won’t be any break-up no matter what.

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