concept of human meat consumption: “ now human flesh will be born at home, people will be able to satisfy the need for protein ” – American scientists develop concept of human meat consumption that is not cannibalism

Strong points:

A team of American scientists have invented an oroboros food kit, which will allow people to produce edible meat using human cells.There was a snake and it is said to have eaten its own tail.
A team of American scientists designed a food kit. This kit is called Ouroboros. With the help of this kit, consumers will be able to produce edible meat using human cells. It is called artificial human meat. New technologies have made it possible for humans to produce their own meat at home. The Oroboros were a type of snake that ate its own tail.

According to Russian news agency Sputnik, the company that invented the technology, Orochef Inc., said it will provide consumers with all the facilities associated with this technique of producing meat from their own cells. It will provide nutrients, structures and all the building blocks needed to make it edible from inside the kitchen. Apart from this, tools and accessories will also be provided.

‘The real solution to human protein needs’
When asked if the whole process was some sort of industrial designer and co-founder of the project, Grace Knight, it wasn’t technically so. He said, “Human blood that has been damaged in the medical system is a waste and it is very cheap and readily available. Although culturally this is less acceptable. People think eating yourself is cannibalism, which it is technically not.

Researcher Orkan Telhan said, “We don’t promote food ourselves, but provide a real solution to human protein needs. We ask the question of how we use meat to eat, what kind of sacrifice will we have to give up in the future in order to continue. Who will be able to pay for the meat of animals in the future and will have no other choice but to produce meat by himself.

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