Condom sales in China: Condom sales in China increase after Covid lockdown restrictions end: Condom sales in China increase after Corona lockdown ends

During the Corona virus outbreak, people were banned from meeting in many countries. Now that Corona influence is waning in many countries around the world, they are also relaxing lockdown restrictions. People are also very much in harmony with each other after being locked up in China for a long time. During this period, there was a sharp increase in sales of condoms.

Condom sales up 12%
According to Daily Mail news, Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of consumer goods, reported that sales of their Durex condom product in China have increased by more than 12 percent. Wholesalers and retailers buy their brand in large numbers. The company hopes that as lockdowns and social distancing loosen around the world, sales of their products will increase significantly in other countries as well.

Last year there was a drop due to the epidemic
At the start of the epidemic last year, Reckitt Benckiser, the company that made Durex, saw a huge drop in demand for condoms. But, with social regulations easing during the summer months, condom sales have increased by more than 12 percent. Not only in China, but also in the United States and European countries, sales of this product have experienced a sharp increase.

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The demand for sex toys has also increased
Demand for Sectoy made in China during the Corona outbreak has increased by more than 30% globally. Sex Toy Industries of China receives a large number of orders from China and abroad these days. “When we got back to work after the lockdown, we had to increase the number of employees,” said Violet Do, overseas sales manager for Libo Technology, a China-based sex toy maker.

Increased Demand For Sex Toys During Corona Era, China Exports Increased 30%
Orders are received from France, America and Europe
Du said we get the most orders from France, America and Italy. We also try to get the order delivered to our customers as soon as possible. He said that although our sales in China were affected during this period. Soon we will also start to receive a large number of orders from the domestic market. Our production lines operate 24 hours a day. At the same time, our employees are working hard to meet demand in two shifts.

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