Conflict between China and Taiwan: China in Taiwan Military ties with the United States: China in Taiwan Military relations with the United States

The Chinese Defense Ministry has warned the United States against increasing military contacts with Taiwan. Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said China believes in the island country’s connection and opposes any outside interference. In a statement, he called on Taiwan to sever all military ties. Earlier, China was furious with the United States for raising the issue of Taiwan at the G-7 meeting.

“Taiwan independence means war”
Ren says China’s reintegration is a historic need and no one can stop it. He said the people of the Taiwan Strait want peace and stability. Taiwan’s independence is fruitless and chasing it means war. Ren called on the United States to abide by its one-China policy.

Pandemic, human rights, market … The G-7 countries have surrounded China from all sides, “Where does the coronavirus come from, the WHO has investigated”
28 fighter jets were sent to Taiwan
At the start of last week, China sent 28 fighter jets to Taiwan. This has been claimed by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan. The ministry said that since last year, fighter jets from Beijing have flown to Taiwan almost daily. It should be noted that China sent the maximum number of these planes in a single day, while the G-7 countries had targeted China for this. China called it routine exercise.

China stunned by advice from G-7 countries on Taiwan? 28 fighter jets sent, the highest on record
was on the right track in the G7
Leaders of the G-7 countries issued a statement on Sunday calling for a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan Strait issue, after which China demonstrated its might. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that the G-7 group is deliberately interfering in China’s internal affairs.

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