Confrontation in China’s Galwan Valley: Global Times on Indian Awards to Galwan Valley Martyrs: Global Times of China Teases Honor of Galvan Martyrs

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India Honors Martyrs of Galvan Valley, China Is Cold, Ugglobal Times Says Provocative Measures, India Does Not Want Peaceful Settlement Of Border Dispute
India has bestowed bravery awards on the martyrs of the Galvan Valley, while China’s official newspaper Global Times is cold. According to the Global Times, Chinese experts have accused India of growing tension. Not only that, India’s decision to honor the martyrs of Galvan also went through the newspaper. In June last year, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a violent clash between the armies of the two countries in the Galvan valley in eastern Ladakh, after China has never mentioned the losses of its army.

‘India takes provocative action’
According to the Global Times report, Chinese experts said the 9th round meeting between the two countries saw positive signs. China’s Propaganda newspaper wrote, “China is sending signals to calm everyone down as India constantly takes provocative measures that signal to the world and the Chinese people that their goal is to resolve the border dispute and maintain the peace and stability. This is not the case. ‘

Republic Day 2021 Gallantry Award: Chinese gave proper response to clash in Galvan Valley, martyr Colonel Santosh Babu honored with Mahavir Chakra
‘Government distracted’
Not only that, the newspaper also called the clash between the two armies of Sikkim bogus. Quoting Zhao Gancheng, director of the Shanghai Institute for International Studies at the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, the newspaper said: “The Indian government is embarrassed by the epidemic, the economic recession and the peasant movement and is taking action anti-Chinese to focus on national issues. “Wants to delete

Honor to the Martyrs of Galvan
Let us tell you that Colonel Santosh Babu, who was martyred while taking iron from Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley, received the Mahavir Chakra. At the same time, Havildar Tejendar Singh was awarded the Veer Chakra for Bravery in Galvan with Naib Subedar Nuduram Soren, Havildar K. Palani, Nayak Deepak Singh, Sepoy Gurtej Singh.

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