Congress approves request to investigate Alberto Rodríguez (Podemos) for kicking police officer

Published: Thursday December 10 2020 11:21

The deputy status commission unanimously approved on Thursday to grant the Supreme Court’s request to investigate Alberto Rodríguez, of Unidas Podemos, for kicking a police officer during a demonstration in 2014.

All groups, including United We Can, voted in favor of this request in the Commission, which will have to issue an opinion within a maximum of thirty days, to then be definitively approved by the Plenary of the Lower House.

Once approved by the Plenary, the processing of the criminal proceedings against the Member of Parliament for United We can continue. The judge asked for the request after the resignation of the secretary of the United Organization for us, to go voluntarily to testify before the Supreme Court on October 20.

The High Court wants to investigate the member for Tenerife for an alleged felony of attack on authority and a misdemeanor (or minor misdemeanor) of bodily harm, considering that there are indications that he kicked a police officer during the incidents of January 25. 2014 during a demonstration against Lomce in La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife).

The case began to be investigated before a Canarian court, which even issued an order to open the trial against Alberto Rodríguez, which was ineffective when he was elected deputy.

Yesterday, United We Can spokesman in Congress, Pablo Echenique, stressed that the MP “has no problem” in appearing before the Supreme Court to be able to defend himself against this “false accusation”. And Socialist spokeswoman Adriana Lastra also assured her that she was in favor of the Supreme Court being able to do its job.

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