Congress debates amendments to all government accounts

Publication: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 9:04 a.m.

General State Budgets for 2021, under consideration in Congress. The accounts of the coalition government face their first stage this Wednesday with the debate on the seven amendments to the totality presented by the rest of the groups. Some amendments which are likely to be rejected and allow processing of the EMP to continue.

They will have Bildu’s support, as Otegi argued this morning in an interview. “Bildu has a favorable position to support budgets. We will be proactive. We have found that there is receptivity to our proposals,” added Otegi, who insists the vote will be “yes” “unless surprised by last minute”.

For its part, Ciudadanos has already specified what are its red lines. The formation led by Inés Arrimadas assured that it will vote “ no ” if Sánchez does not comply with its four demands, including a commitment not to accept a referendum on independence and the withdrawal of the amendment which allows the elimination of Spanish as a lingua franca in schools in certain communities. “If these four things are not, the final vote will be ‘no’,” Cs management sources say.

The debate begins at 12:00 with the defense of the accounts by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and will continue later with the interventions of the groups to assert their veto.

The vote on the seven amendments to the set, presented by PP, VOX, JxCAT, Coalición Canaria (CC), Foro Asturias, BNG and the CUP is scheduled for Thursday and will be done jointly. These vetoes will likely be rejected by the majority of parties that supported the inauguration.

The PP, on the other hand, asks for the restitution of certain accounts which it qualifies as “incendiary” and unreal, considering that they will weigh down the economic recovery by tax increases. VOX agrees to qualify the government’s economic situation as “unreal and irresponsible”, while CC asks for a specific budget for the Canary Islands; BNG, more funds for Galicia; JxCAT, more investments for Catalonia; the CUP, repeal the law on the gag order and the labor reform, and Foro Asturias sees discrimination between the territories.

Montero was confident yesterday that the budget will exceed the amendments as a whole and grateful to the groups that had not vetoed the accounts, to which he assured that their partial amendments will take priority over the others. The minister will probably influence her speech according to which the accounts are essential to economic and social recovery, as well as to channeling the first income from European funds (26,634 million euros).

Once the amendments are rejected, the budget will continue to be processed by the Congressional Budget Committee where the presentation will be voted on and the partial amendments will be debated with a final vote, as scheduled on November 27. According to the timetable managed by Congress, the Plenary of the Lower House debates and votes on the Commission’s opinion between November 30 and December 3, which, if approved, would allow the accounts to continue processing in the Senate. .

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