Congress promotes a sub-committee to study the use of cannabis for medical purposes in Spain

Publication: Friday May 14, 2021 5:52 PM

The Congressional Health and Consumption Commission supported, at the request of the PNV, the creation of a sub-commission to study the regulation of medicinal cannabis. The proposal, defended by Deputy Josune Gorospe, aims, as indicated in the explanatory memorandum, to analyze the experiences promoted by various governments which have set up programs for the medical use of cannabis.

To this end, it proposes that the competent authorities of the countries which have this program in force (France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, among others) could be included in the sub- commission “and how many agents and experts are considered appropriate”. The subcommittee must prepare a report and present its findings within a maximum of six months.

Once approved by the Committee on Health, and if the Board consents, the report will be sent to the House Plenary for debate and approval. According to the PNV, the report will be “based on the experiences of other states, thus endowing Spanish patients with the same rights as patients from neighboring countries”.

According to Congresswoman Gorospe, it is about “giving a voice and listening to existing experiences and anything that can enrich the reflection: legal bases, scientific evidence and technical difficulties for their implementation”. And, as the member herself pointed out, many countries in our environment are making progress in regulating medicinal cannabis.

MP PNV recalled that the European Parliament has also urged States to move forward with research programs and to access its medical use. “It is time to break the dynamic of no and start taking the first steps now,” said the MP in her speech on Thursday at the Committee on Health.

And for this, Gorospe asked the groups “a serene debate that allows to reach a majority agreement, which is able to complete its work by writing a truthful and objective report on the current situation and the possible perspectives to regulate the access to the cannabis.. medicinal in the Spanish State “.

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