Conil de la Frontera will not close the perimeter, according to the mayor of the city

Posted: Wednesday July 07, 2021 5:02 PM

There will be no perimeter closure in Conil de la Frontera, as indicated by the mayor of the city to laSexta. The city council maintains that the delegate for the territorial health of Cadiz has communicated to the city of Cadiz that the protocol of the council will not be applied after the exceeding of 1000 cases of cumulative incidence. The decision, explains the mayor, is based on the fact that the floating population has been taken into account.

The mayor of Conil de la Frontera, Juan Manuel Bermúdez, expressed it to laSexta: “We must continue to maximize the hygienic and sanitary measures of the use of masks, of separation and of capacity. We have a challenge to face, this week we have to keep lowering the rate though, ”he explained.

As this media reported, to make the decision “all parameters have been analyzed”, and the city is experiencing an increase in the incidence rate, but not the rest of the data which indicates a high risk in the situation of the pandemic in the municipality.

“It was taken into account that there is a floating population in Conil and that we are not 23,000 inhabitants, but many more, so the incidence rate is not real”, explained Bermúdez, who acknowledged that “this is good news”, but he stressed the need to “make a significant effort” to alleviate the situation.

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