Construction 2021 will take place from May 25 to 27

The three major software companies, Google, Apple and Microsoft, hold developer events every year. The folks at ZDNet have gotten ahead of the Redmond giant and have already indicated when the event will take place and registration for the event will open very soon.

The Build Developer Conference will take place May 25-27

This week Microsoft has indicated the dates of its biggest event of the year and that there will be more smaller ones. Microsoft continues to be a company of great interest to developers, not only in Windows but beyond.

Developers use Microsoft tools in virtually any situation (if not Visual Studio, it’s Azure or GitHub). This is why this conference always has a special place for developers around the world.

This year, there are also some points that will attract all eyes. Project RĂ©union, the merger between Windows 10 or WinUI 3 APIs will be some of the highlights of the conference. In addition, there will be many sessions dedicated to Azure, which continues to grow.

This could be the year Windows 10X holds a Build conference. But, given the latest rumors suggesting a delay in deployment, we don’t know if Microsoft will be spending time on the operating system it wants to compete with ChromeOS.

We will also not lose sight of Project Latte, this new proposal from Microsoft to bring Android applications to Windows 10. A goal looming on the horizon and about which we still do not know much more. Maybe during construction is a good time to show how this would be possible in Windows 10.

Lots of possible news up front and keen to know what the Redmond giant has been working on. We know they’ve got a few things up their sleeve and now will be a good time to show the developers what they’ve been working on.

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