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Also known as the A-frame house in Anglo-Saxon countries, this unusual house is well worth a detour. The architecture of the chalet and the wooden hut perfectly combined, the A-shaped house is inexorably one of the most popular hideaways for nature lovers. This is particularly true of the renowned architect Elisabeth Faure, who built her own in the Dordogne. The perfect house type for the nostalgic for wooden huts is the A-frame house with its triangular roof. Quite affordable and more ecological, this architecture attracts any city dweller who needs nature. As evidence of this, the A-Frame rentals on Airbnb are very successful. What if you gave up everything for living in an A-House?

A short story

If they have always existed, the triangular dwellings that are on the rise today are from the post-war period. In fact, in the 1950s and 1960s, A-frame frames roused the hearts of young American families looking for more affordable vacation cabins.

The builder of the Reese house, the American architect Andrew Geller, contributed significantly to this enthusiasm. It is an A-shaped beach house in the United States and was published in the New York Times in May 1957. Several A houses are currently populating the Canadian forests. If you’re ready to take the plunge, keep in mind that Estonian company Avrame has a kit version of this architecture.

How do you build a house in A?

Like a refuge in the great outdoors, this 2.0 chalet only offers advantages. Basically made of wood, shaped with clever insulation panels and heated by a wood stove, the A-House doesn’t give the cold a chance.

Thanks to its beautiful triangular shape, the A-frame house also offers a very comfortable ceiling height, enough to set up mezzanines and to have fun with the furnishings. As you cross the door, you will feel the comfort of a traditional home added to the atypical structure. The perfect opportunity to go green.

The concept was well understood by the architect Elisabeth Faure. At the age of 65, she built her own 180 m² triangular house in just under a year and with a budget of around 35,000 euros. Described by this inspiring woman as quick, inexpensive and easy, designing an A-shaped house begins with making the foundation holes and installing the pillars and boards (horizontal carpentry accessories that ensure the solidity of a work).

Added to this is the development of a large floor and the construction of equilateral triangles (one morning each). Then OSB panels need to be nailed to ensure the strength and stability of the structure. All you have to do is add bitumen tiles and arrange your A-shaped house from the inside.

The construction of the triangular “A” house. Photo credit: Morgane Launay

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