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The Regional Federation of Construction Companies of Murcia (FRECOM) and the Foundation of Construction Work create this portal for those who wish to seek work in the construction sector

BY RRHH Digital, 14:14 – 29 December 2020

FRECOM wants to be “a benchmark employment portal in the region of Murcia, in which companies and workers will have agile and rapid responses to their labor demands and needs”.

Labor intermediation is an “essential and essential” task for companies in the sector to find qualified workers with the profiles they need for their job vacancies.

Work intermediation, vocational guidance and job offers will be the three elements that will make up this new service that FRECOM and the Foundation offer completely free of charge to their associated companies.

It will promote the personalization of offers, by giving agility and speed to the procedures for finding workers, by the company, and employment, by candidates.

With these initiatives, FRECOM intends to “continue to progress in its commitment to create quality jobs, to which is added training, both constituting the fundamental pillars of a sector of growth, development and future for the Region. of Murcia “.

“Building jobs” is a new service that is completely free for businesses associated with FRECOM.

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