Consuelo Ordoñez responds strongly to Rafael Hernando after accusing Sánchez and Marlaska of bringing ETA prisoners closer to the Basque Country

Posted: Sunday July 11 2021 3:12 PM

Pablo Casado went to Ermua (Bizkaia) to participate in the closing ceremony of the Miguel Angel Blanco school. Previously, with the leaders of the Basque PP, including its president, Carlos Iturgaiz, they made a wreath at the monument that commemorates the former PP of this municipality who was assassinated 24 years ago by the terrorist group ETA after three days of kidnapping.

However, from social networks the one who was the spokesperson for the popular in Congress, Rafael Hernando, sowed controversy by remembering this victim of ETA and taking the opportunity to accuse the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, for bringing his murderers to the Basque Country. “Today is the anniversary of the savage and cruel murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco. That moment when the civic revolution of the Spaniards ended ETA with the cry of Enough already!”.

Said message continued as follows: “This year his murderers were brought home by Pedro Sánchez and Marlaska.” Statements that did not please anything and for which he was harshly criticized. Among those who responded to this message is Consuelo Ordóñez, sister of Gregorio Ordóñez, also killed by ETA. He pointed out that the PP not only approached 200 ETA prisoners, but also released them.

In this sense, he also added that he agreed with this decision: “In just three years, you have not only approached the prisons of the Basque Country. You also directly released 200 ETAs out of 665 who were incarcerated. Moreover, they are the same murderers of my brother and I think it is good that they are closer to the Basque Country “.

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